Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Sixth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

This morning is a morning of many new developments. I have been asked, as Poet Laureate, to participate in my fist Media Release I am being interviewed Sharon of Persephone Magazine, a world-renowned publication of many merits et cetera.

This media release will consist of a listing of seven weird things about myself. They are written in free-form poetry style because I am poet.

1. I am
Too many of the fruits
In which I free
My soul, my soul
It is to say:
My laugh doth echo deeply
In fine wide snorts
Through the hallowed halls of history.

2. When in distress
Did call the world
My soldier.
When falling did the cat proclaim,
"My coffee swims in seas of Ovaltine."

3. Whyfore, wherefore
The fish did cry
Having Jonas, having fish
The Dickinson fish
Of years and years
Did die to be replaced
A fishless Dickinson
You would never find.
Never find.

4. To never have met the Tennant
Though powers of Laureateness should prevail
'Tis a shame of tears and snow.
We will meet soon

5. Hair
Salt and Pepper
At a new fresh early age.

6. Though my sister
Makes prints of wide renown
We never stoop to find the day
Her paintbrush mocks the pencil prince
A screener owns she not.

7. "Cold!"
Cried the hare, with an air of the fine
Chimed the chime, harrowing the windy hare
And the coughs were plentiful.

That is the completion of my first Media Release.

In other news, my search for a small humble part time job with which to improve my poetic licencies is not going well. I have gone to many interviews but they were all too impressed at my qualifications. Thus is the paradox of the Poet Laureate. Too sagely and experienced to be permitted to gain more experience, to inexperienced too be the experience.

However I have my poet's eye for beauty on the restaurant near my home. It is the most beautifully colour co-ordinated of all the restaurants, surely, as I do know myself. The reds and yellows of the instutution are matched in their cuisine. The restaurant's trademark symbol is visible in many areas which is a testament to it's world-renowned fool. I wish to apply for a chef position there to grow my art into the fields of the culinary. This I believe is my beckoning at the moment. More to come.

Jonas R. Dickinson
United States Poet Laureate
& Future Food Guru

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Fifth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today was very interesting day for me! I went shopping for some great new formal clothing. I bought one pinstripe suit, a la The Doctor, for formal occasions and benefits and award reveiving now that I am the P.L. Then I rode the bus home. I told a woman named Bernice about my career and I told her about this blog. I also said that she should start a blog. I can only hope that she does. She was a very poetic being. I asked for her phone number but her stop came and she left, even though I could sense the number was on the edge of her teeth.

It makes me quite happy that people are so drawn to me. I have a natural air of poesia and I am very charismatic. This is probably why I got the P.L. job. However sometimes I find it slightly difficult to navigate the seas of love! Women just do not understand Poetry or David or my love for either. I thought Bernice came close to feeling my emotions but she wore quite a bit of leather and had very large hands, which did not appeal to my sensibilities at all.

Many of my poems are now under lockdown due to me being the P.L. Thought the Library of Congress hasn't yet contacted me about the EXACT details of my position i think the United States owns all my Poems and so I can't post them here! Sorry!!! It is okay though because they are being kept by me for the sake of the country. Don't worry.


I am considering expanding my horizons and income via a part-time job. Any suggestions for me, for a being as poetic as such as me myself, an artistic job with passion that would inspire my poetry or the power of my words, those suggestions would be welcome. Special Challenge!!! The U.S.P.L. challenges you to write your poetry form!!!!

Jonas R. Dickinson
United States Library of Congress Poet Laureate

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Third Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today, the Library of Congress emailed me in response to my application for United States Poet Laureate!!! This is what they told me:


In order to apply and have your application processed and viewed for employment consideration, you may either view the job postings on our website (WWW.LOC.GOV), USA JOBs (WWW.USAJOBS.GOV), or visit/call our Customer Service Center at (202) 707-5627. As with any federal agency, you can opt to submit an either an OF-612 (federal application) which can be pulled from OPM's website (WWW.OPM.GOV) or a federal style resume'. The Library of Congress does not accept generic resumes.

All job postings have thorough instructions and offer you the convenience of applying manually or electronically on-line (AVUE). AVUE is the hiring system used at the Library of Congress which allows the applicant to be rated on the merit system. You must include the vacancy announcement number, address each Knowledge, Skill, Ability (KSAs).

If your inquiry is related to Intern/Fellowship Programs, please click on the appropriate link. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Copyright Office may offer such programs on their individual website.

If you are an applicant with a disability, the following proof of documentation from the following institutions is acceptable: (a) state issued rehabilitative letter, or (b) Galludet University.

Leon Turner Jr is the Manager and Coordinator for the Library*s Work Study and Student Programs. He can be reached at 202 707-2087 or e-mail at Leon Turner Jr@LOC.GOV

For issues related to Leave/Health and Retirement benefits, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), OPF (Personnel folder, SF-50 Info regarding former employees, call (202 707-5620). You can also go online, Employee Express.

We DO NOT have a holding file; in submitting your application, make sure you are targeting a specific job that is currently being advertised by our agency.

Pay close attention to the vacancy's Who May Apply section so that you do not apply for positions marked LIMITED to LOC employees only.
**Geographical locations are shown on the first page of the posting.
**Taylor Street Annex, Washington, DC, Culpeper, VA, CONUS, and Overseas.

Fax (202) 707-1454 include the vacancy announcement number

Thank you for choosing the Library of Congress as a potential workplace and wishing you all the best in your employment endeavors.


SO...there you have it: I must've gotten the job! You are reading the blog of official Library of Congress United States Poet Laureate! I emailed back my many thanks, but their email is quite complex due to the governmental nature of the Job Position so I also asked some questions about salary, copyrights of my works, etc. (in poetry form of course), but these are all quite confidential due to them being between my employer and myself. From now on, no private email posting, but I'll keep you guys all posted, wink wink, if you leave me a comment LOL.

I have written a joyful haiku poem to mark the occasion. I generally find haikus restricting which is why I used this form here, because my joy is so wide that it needs boundaries I think.

The Library of Congress
Is Mine Forever Because
I am the P.L.

Poet Laureate is here abbreviated as "P.L." just in case of privacy issues.


Monday, January 14, 2008

My Second Blog Entry

Dear Blog,
As of yet no reply from the Library of Congress about my application for United States Poet Laureate.  There is also a disturbing lack of reply from Sarah.  Sarah is responsible for operating my favourite website,  Sarah is my third favourite person (1 - David Tennant, 2 - My sister Genevieve who makes prints) so I sent her some poetry about David.  Additionally I am sending her some drawings of David That I worked on very well.

I made these drawings (the ones accompanying this very post) because I feel that because I am so talented in the Poetry field, it was time to move into the Visual Arts.  I added it to my Blogger profile as well under interests of course.  I have named them both "Dear Periwinkle" due to his periwinkle-coloured eyes.  Unfortunately, his eyes are not duly coloured in the drawing for artistic effect.

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Also here are my poems that I also sent to Sarah.

First off is this one here, which I thought of on an overcastly autumnal day in January, while riding on the bus.  I have never written a love poem that was not about David.  I adore his everything because he is my everything.  At the time this one was my best work to date.

David my love. soon-to-be spouse...
Give me some salt
And I shall pour it in your hair
The only hair
That I pour salt on.

Give me some sugar,
It will be the sweetest of all the sugars.
And I shall pour it in your hair
The only hair
That I pour sugar on.

The salt and sugar will blend
Like me and you
Have blent, my love,
My dove,
A glass


So David you have traveled
Through time
David, oh, David
As salt has traveled
As sugar has traveled
Through time
Through mine.

The Doctor you are
You are also other things
But only to me
That true love can bring.

Bring me, oh Daivd,
To your castle by the sea,
A bottle of salt
Just for you and just for me.

This is where we'll reside 
With painful anguish
In the darkness of the time lords
And love will overcome all.

This is an epic ballad, David,
Of our love and of our life
With you
With you
With you
With you
With you
I could let my head down
With you
With you
With you
With you as my life.

But after submitting this poem I did a lot of reading and as a result my style, like a good wine, aged and changed; reaching a new level of season-esque perfection.  Around this time was when I discovered the power of the periwinkle motif.  A lot of my metaphors and drawn from real life which I feel only accents the power of this poem and my words.  They come from the heart.  Enjoy, please!

David Periwinkle Tennant
Your eyes so shiny, your face so sleek.
When I meed you, hopefully in Venice
Oh how we will thrive,
Through time

A TARDIS of love
Is the shape of my heart
I dreem of you sweetly
I play a lot of chess.
Also I read,
Read the lines of my palm
To see if the future
Doth hold our bond.

You're the fairest of them all
Snow white, Snow David
To follow you forever
Shorter than you
You are so tall.

Take this my glass slipper
To hold till the end
David, my slipper
As blue as your eyes
As sparkly as your soul
As I kiss it sweetly
Drinking from it
Like a glass of wine.

I hope you know now
Why I feel so strongly
I hope you feel the same way.
If we every met wrongly
Perhaps two wrongs would make a right.

A right turn
Into my heart.

It is very depressing for me that Sarah has not taken the time to publish my poetry on her David Tennant fanzine (HIGHLY recommended!!!!!!!!  VERY professional artwrok and writing, click on "Fans" and then on the Fanzine, October's was my most highly revered).  I understand that it is a reasonably high-profile publication (the site is almost official and David himself has been rumoured to frequent it) but I feel my poetry is better than most other poetry out there.  Also I am looking very much for publication credits for my CV to perhaps reapply for the Laureate position assuming this year's results prove unfavourable.

Thank you for your time.

-Jonas R. Dickinson

Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today I am writing my very first blog entry. My current mood is angsty and I am currently listening to The Night Before Chrismas soundtrack.

I am now going to unburden my soul.

Recently I submitted my application for the position of United States Poet Laureate. Poetry is a field in which I excel due to my natural talents in the medium. Though I am self-educated I would consider myself to be one of the most intelligent, gifted and beautiful of all poets worldwide, dead or alive, amateur or otherwise.

This is the poem I chose to submit under the "Objective" heading of my Curriculum Vitae (CV or, to those of you less educated or poetical, my Resumé) which was submitted for the PL (Poet Laureate) position.

As of yet to be published
And snarl in the wind
I sleep with great fantasy
A bottle of wine
And travel through time.
To be the Master
(The Poet, The Laureate)
A dance I must learn
The formalities of love
Twixt my bosom and thine.

Under "Experience" I submitted this pearl of haiku that was, at the time, appropriately seasonal.

My jobs are washed a-
Way; the winds of time do rage
Follow the highway.

My special skills were written in sonnet form.

I like to walk my dog along the beach
And sift through sands of time that wash away
The lines of my old hobbies, like crochet
Which once I did quite often reach the height

Of knittery and gorgeous fabric flight
When orating do I feel so quite right
Epistellations of my heart do leak
Like sands of time through slowly swifting feet.

Step high, step tall I tell my Judo class
On Sundays by the kitchen store I pass
To aid the women in their thoughtful prose
Of seven ninety-five delight and grows.

So good and swim my dearest Bethany
To your city your city by the sea.

I can only hope that the Library of Congress will see my talent shining through the restrictive CV format and hire me for the position that is, by rights of destiny, my own.

Sincerely and Forebodingly,
Jonas R. Dickinson
United States Poet Laureate