Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Fifth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today was very interesting day for me! I went shopping for some great new formal clothing. I bought one pinstripe suit, a la The Doctor, for formal occasions and benefits and award reveiving now that I am the P.L. Then I rode the bus home. I told a woman named Bernice about my career and I told her about this blog. I also said that she should start a blog. I can only hope that she does. She was a very poetic being. I asked for her phone number but her stop came and she left, even though I could sense the number was on the edge of her teeth.

It makes me quite happy that people are so drawn to me. I have a natural air of poesia and I am very charismatic. This is probably why I got the P.L. job. However sometimes I find it slightly difficult to navigate the seas of love! Women just do not understand Poetry or David or my love for either. I thought Bernice came close to feeling my emotions but she wore quite a bit of leather and had very large hands, which did not appeal to my sensibilities at all.

Many of my poems are now under lockdown due to me being the P.L. Thought the Library of Congress hasn't yet contacted me about the EXACT details of my position i think the United States owns all my Poems and so I can't post them here! Sorry!!! It is okay though because they are being kept by me for the sake of the country. Don't worry.


I am considering expanding my horizons and income via a part-time job. Any suggestions for me, for a being as poetic as such as me myself, an artistic job with passion that would inspire my poetry or the power of my words, those suggestions would be welcome. Special Challenge!!! The U.S.P.L. challenges you to write your suggestions...in poetry form!!!!

Jonas R. Dickinson
United States Library of Congress Poet Laureate

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Persephone said...

Dear JD,

I've been "memed" for the very first time. I've had to post Seven Weird Things About Me, then tag other bloggers. I'm sorry, but I've tagged you! (I have given your blog a nice notice though; you haven't stopped writing it have you?) I was thinking if you choose to do this meme, you could do it in a septet like a rime royal, or a rondelet, or a septilla, or even a sonnet (if you devote two lines to each weirdness).....