Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today I am writing my very first blog entry. My current mood is angsty and I am currently listening to The Night Before Chrismas soundtrack.

I am now going to unburden my soul.

Recently I submitted my application for the position of United States Poet Laureate. Poetry is a field in which I excel due to my natural talents in the medium. Though I am self-educated I would consider myself to be one of the most intelligent, gifted and beautiful of all poets worldwide, dead or alive, amateur or otherwise.

This is the poem I chose to submit under the "Objective" heading of my Curriculum Vitae (CV or, to those of you less educated or poetical, my Resumé) which was submitted for the PL (Poet Laureate) position.

As of yet to be published
And snarl in the wind
I sleep with great fantasy
A bottle of wine
And travel through time.
To be the Master
(The Poet, The Laureate)
A dance I must learn
The formalities of love
Twixt my bosom and thine.

Under "Experience" I submitted this pearl of haiku that was, at the time, appropriately seasonal.

My jobs are washed a-
Way; the winds of time do rage
Follow the highway.

My special skills were written in sonnet form.

I like to walk my dog along the beach
And sift through sands of time that wash away
The lines of my old hobbies, like crochet
Which once I did quite often reach the height

Of knittery and gorgeous fabric flight
When orating do I feel so quite right
Epistellations of my heart do leak
Like sands of time through slowly swifting feet.

Step high, step tall I tell my Judo class
On Sundays by the kitchen store I pass
To aid the women in their thoughtful prose
Of seven ninety-five delight and grows.

So good and swim my dearest Bethany
To your city your city by the sea.

I can only hope that the Library of Congress will see my talent shining through the restrictive CV format and hire me for the position that is, by rights of destiny, my own.

Sincerely and Forebodingly,
Jonas R. Dickinson
United States Poet Laureate

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