Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Sixth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

This morning is a morning of many new developments. I have been asked, as Poet Laureate, to participate in my fist Media Release I am being interviewed Sharon of Persephone Magazine, a world-renowned publication of many merits et cetera.

This media release will consist of a listing of seven weird things about myself. They are written in free-form poetry style because I am poet.

1. I am
Too many of the fruits
In which I free
My soul, my soul
It is to say:
My laugh doth echo deeply
In fine wide snorts
Through the hallowed halls of history.

2. When in distress
Did call the world
My soldier.
When falling did the cat proclaim,
"My coffee swims in seas of Ovaltine."

3. Whyfore, wherefore
The fish did cry
Having Jonas, having fish
The Dickinson fish
Of years and years
Did die to be replaced
A fishless Dickinson
You would never find.
Never find.

4. To never have met the Tennant
Though powers of Laureateness should prevail
'Tis a shame of tears and snow.
We will meet soon

5. Hair
Salt and Pepper
At a new fresh early age.

6. Though my sister
Makes prints of wide renown
We never stoop to find the day
Her paintbrush mocks the pencil prince
A screener owns she not.

7. "Cold!"
Cried the hare, with an air of the fine
Chimed the chime, harrowing the windy hare
And the coughs were plentiful.

That is the completion of my first Media Release.

In other news, my search for a small humble part time job with which to improve my poetic licencies is not going well. I have gone to many interviews but they were all too impressed at my qualifications. Thus is the paradox of the Poet Laureate. Too sagely and experienced to be permitted to gain more experience, to inexperienced too be the experience.

However I have my poet's eye for beauty on the restaurant near my home. It is the most beautifully colour co-ordinated of all the restaurants, surely, as I do know myself. The reds and yellows of the instutution are matched in their cuisine. The restaurant's trademark symbol is visible in many areas which is a testament to it's world-renowned fool. I wish to apply for a chef position there to grow my art into the fields of the culinary. This I believe is my beckoning at the moment. More to come.

Jonas R. Dickinson
United States Poet Laureate
& Future Food Guru

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Persephone said...

Wild and wonderful, indeed! About the restaurant near your home: is it anything like the restaurant I mentioned in #3 in my list of seven weirds? If so, may I say that I didn't find the place conducive to poetry, nor tenable for a poetic nature? I do hope some other options are available...