Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Third Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today, the Library of Congress emailed me in response to my application for United States Poet Laureate!!! This is what they told me:


In order to apply and have your application processed and viewed for employment consideration, you may either view the job postings on our website (WWW.LOC.GOV), USA JOBs (WWW.USAJOBS.GOV), or visit/call our Customer Service Center at (202) 707-5627. As with any federal agency, you can opt to submit an either an OF-612 (federal application) which can be pulled from OPM's website (WWW.OPM.GOV) or a federal style resume'. The Library of Congress does not accept generic resumes.

All job postings have thorough instructions and offer you the convenience of applying manually or electronically on-line (AVUE). AVUE is the hiring system used at the Library of Congress which allows the applicant to be rated on the merit system. You must include the vacancy announcement number, address each Knowledge, Skill, Ability (KSAs).

If your inquiry is related to Intern/Fellowship Programs, please click on the appropriate link. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Copyright Office may offer such programs on their individual website.

If you are an applicant with a disability, the following proof of documentation from the following institutions is acceptable: (a) state issued rehabilitative letter, or (b) Galludet University.

Leon Turner Jr is the Manager and Coordinator for the Library*s Work Study and Student Programs. He can be reached at 202 707-2087 or e-mail at Leon Turner Jr@LOC.GOV

For issues related to Leave/Health and Retirement benefits, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), OPF (Personnel folder, SF-50 Info regarding former employees, call (202 707-5620). You can also go online, Employee Express.

We DO NOT have a holding file; in submitting your application, make sure you are targeting a specific job that is currently being advertised by our agency.

Pay close attention to the vacancy's Who May Apply section so that you do not apply for positions marked LIMITED to LOC employees only.
**Geographical locations are shown on the first page of the posting.
**Taylor Street Annex, Washington, DC, Culpeper, VA, CONUS, and Overseas.

Fax (202) 707-1454 include the vacancy announcement number

Thank you for choosing the Library of Congress as a potential workplace and wishing you all the best in your employment endeavors.


SO...there you have it: I must've gotten the job! You are reading the blog of official Library of Congress United States Poet Laureate! I emailed back my many thanks, but their email is quite complex due to the governmental nature of the Job Position so I also asked some questions about salary, copyrights of my works, etc. (in poetry form of course), but these are all quite confidential due to them being between my employer and myself. From now on, no private email posting, but I'll keep you guys all posted, wink wink, if you leave me a comment LOL.

I have written a joyful haiku poem to mark the occasion. I generally find haikus restricting which is why I used this form here, because my joy is so wide that it needs boundaries I think.

The Library of Congress
Is Mine Forever Because
I am the P.L.

Poet Laureate is here abbreviated as "P.L." just in case of privacy issues.


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