Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Seventh Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Many happy returns, NOT! I find my duties as poet laureate to be increasingly weighted with tension and boredom. Dissatisfaction pursues me day and night.

I don't understand it, Blog! I preferred fame and infamy and joy of internal soul and money expressions. I just can't convey my having of the post! My deep, deep sorrow and tragic despair remains as of yet unpublished.

Blog, I am contemplating to end of this torrid, torrid existence of torrents. I have written a poem expression, however, the dilemma, Blog!

Also my attempts to further a career in cuisine have proved unsatisfactory. I find the connoisseurs just as ill educated as the State of the Union.

Thank you, Blog.

I wish to find an employment elsewhere and perhaps abandon my prosehungry country of heathens who do not appreciate. Where must I go to discover a bush and noteworthy of burning fulfillment? Where is David?

In other news, Sarah has not yet published my works. It is insulting and I fear plaigiarismests in the future.

Jonas R. Dickinson
Possibly FORMER of the USPL
Genius, Inc.

P. S. No poetry today. Sad.

1 comment:

Persephone said...

Dearest Jo-Dick,

Where the Dickinson have you been? I had just about given up hope! Nay, press on with your valuable verse! Who is this Sarah who fails to publish you?

The Un-Sharon