Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Eighteenth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Meat is murder!

I am much dissuaged by depressionary unresponse, from Carnegie Hall, the Facebook, and otherwise. It seems that only a deeper appreciate insight is to follow. The likes of the greats found themselves likewise swarthed in sadness, and therefore, I have made the decision to become Bohemian. This entrails many aspects highly inclined to further my many artistic endeavours, and leave my pages of my book open to new mythologies.

As such there are two main conglomorates: mime and activism. Both of which I will endorse to those who simply miss or lack the understanding of my prodigal.

My first establishment lies far off lands. It beckons me forward to paint a photoless picture of the world. I intend to star alongside David Tennant as Hamlet in Arnold Shakespear's renowned play, Hamlet. Perhaps we shall indeed strike up the band that leads to friendship, no? I have read the script and found all of my moments to shine and am much prepared, although the play is not very good. The language is off the charts in regards to the use of language. There is such a thing as taking malleability too far! LOL!

However, I believe this shall be a tremendous learning. David Tennant is for par, but not undoubtedly lacking in fine industry establishment.

And initially, I have been continuing to attend my therapeutic appointments at the behest of my familiality. They consider the works of She (as I will refer to my attending, for reasons of confiality) as highly important to the logical development of my continued success. Sadly, she simply does not grasp the swirling gravitas galaxy of art. The impetus just rolls of her back like a duck off water. As such, research of She is perhaps no longer imminent, and I must discuss the rage I express towards the status quo in the following paragraph.

There is not a necessary grasp for any to follow my thunderous agression! We MUST band together and eliminate war! As well, it is evocative of us to pre vent, and nurture forwards against the destruction of Engendered Animals! They are everywhere, and therefore an issue of import! Why isn't anybody listening? Why must my cries be sat alone?

I weep to the world, and demand a response. E-mail me! I am considerate of your thoughts!

Yours in love, peace, foreboding and effervescence,
Jonas Rudolf Dickinson

P.S. Perhaps those of senior parlimental or senatorial positions who frequently frequent on my Blog would do to have a discourse.

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