Friday, June 13, 2008

My Eleventh Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Alack (LOL)!!!

I am happy in career and unhappy in an essential variety of garden love!

I have discovered a fond remembrance visage inside the Him and I must become great friends, how ever, he disregards my advantages with a batted eye and a swift un-hello. Today even did I discover that he has BLOCKED me on a popular web-site he sometimes frequents: Oh, how the red explanation came behind my tears, that I may not be emailed in regards to his most recent expositions due to his cruelty!

I do not respond well in the light of cruelty. In my childhood, my young sister, Genevieve, was quite harsh with me in many situations, even going so far as to bring her hand collusively to the side of my back head! LOL! Though it was not so funny at the times!

Liam Dryden, you have sadly beaten my head furiously! Please recognise that I come in peace!!!

However in my career as Singer/Songwriter I find that I am advancing in a manner similar to what is appropriate. I am learning how to perform the actions necessary. We will see. I intend to email Carnegie Hall as soon as possible in regards to a booking situations.

On love, in calamity,
Jonas R. Dickinson

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Rob said...


Be not downhearted! Judging from his vlog he cannot hope to aspire to the heights of true talent: vlogging a dead horse, indeed.