Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Nineteenth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

I don't understand where my intuitivity naive has gone!!! I used to be so responsible in my endeavours but unfortunately I do not succeed at the present time!

No response from Carnegie Hall as to my concert (just as well due to my current disinterest in the field, I suppose they heard through word-of-mouth that I was no longer available), no response from PETA as to my advantageousness, and no response from the RSC in regards to my upcoming role!

Where is the respect I once had? There is something I must rant in accordance for.

Simply because I abandoned the Poet Laureate career does not make me a person who is not respectable. It was not a field for me, as there are many fields, of wheat, of hayhair, of cotton, of jocularity and of water, there are so many fields and this could not possibly have been mine. This means I am in need of a new and greener field of pasture and here, here there is none to be found!

I must be allowed to be free and I shall be released. It is only a matter of time. I am in need of more precipitates to contact. Suggestions would be highly welcomed as those seems to be in short supply recieve.

Yours to my heart in the affections of my still well bitter blood,
Jonas Rudolf Dickinson

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