Monday, June 16, 2008

My Sixteenth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

Today, as of late, please take specific notice of my new cultural symbol. Persephone, of Persephone Magazine recently brought it up to my attentiveness that perhaps it is not undue with care for me to acknowledge my uninterrupted flow of ceaseful admiration for the fondly remembered LittleRadge. I wish not to beteem him with terrible anecdotes, merely as a goodly gesture for his entertainment philosophy (a new divergence!?)

As for to that, I have taken it upon the back to repeat my infractive-state with lesser stance. I maintain a politic notion of decisive indifference to his formation, but do hope he will refrain from further quick-throat endeavourances. I would only accept that he ado my gentle qualms, and seeming wonder. He is a tomato to my adamant glee.

Furtherance, I am at liberty to bring you around to my great revealing.

I have been studying the quantitative works of simple Professor William McGonagall. He is indeed full of stately stature. The temperance he delivers on the forests of Green-land are with all might. I please do advise that one follow the path that dwindles like the light of a fire-bug's radiant, to frequent his sights. You may indulge in his homeplace of . It is indeed a noble spire that deceases beyond his grave.

I feel that perhaps in my own body, Professor McGonagall gave great scope as serving of the position of United States Poet Laureate. I know that my own talent rises through the ashes. This is why I must err cautiously but with refrain of poet and direct my many strengths to my imminent career as Singer/Songwriter and perhaps Researcher.

This is that same one Researcher which I will evidence in follow courses.

That is all.

Love to many, one and all,
Jonas R. Dickinson

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Persephone said...

Dearest Jo-Dick,

Your new profile picture is an impressive example of poetic justice and accomplishes the triple-task of honouring littleradge, David Tennant, and my friend Rob who I believe featured this portrait somewhere on his eclectic and informative blog.

I hope your illness, whether of body or spirit you do not say, abates, and you may forge ahead in your artistic and benevolent endeavours in wholesomeness.

Best wishes from
the un-Sharonish Persephone