Monday, June 30, 2008

My Twentieth Blog Entry

Dear Blog,

If nothing else: an aniversary!!!!! We have been together for a full twenty which is twice ten and a fine celebration indeed.

However, my life is a deep grey fringed denomination. New directions and new colours are welcomed necessarily with a fernacious piece of lending.

Today my sister Genevieve, who makes prints, took me for a stroll among the countryside of our neighbourhood street. We discussed strange objects of desire and delight. She is concerned for many of my safeties which is a distinct matter of amusement concern. She prefers that I would continue to live beside and alongside my mother rather than in her printmaking studio apartment. This is an infeasibility. I am at home with Genevieve, or, in the French, John V. Eff (LOL) and I suspect she desires for a man friend of hers to enter living quarters. Unless that man is David Tennant: no.

I recieved a frowning cryptic e-mail in my inbox today from meding, as follows (the subject line bore fantastically: Megan Fox spotted topless in Santorini):
Your gun is set to get bigger and bigger

I was recommended so as not to click the link, but I am mythfully consumed with deprecation at this juncture. The RSC has not responded currently and perhaps this is an attempt to get through? A. Shakespear is known to write with coda and muddled, perhaps this was his method of notification regarding my role?

To twenty more my love and sanctification, your friend,

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